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Dynasty Legends

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Domain is open. Farm and build, train and deploy! Be the Lord of the territory.

3D ARPG game - Dynasty Legends (Global) updates again. Farm and build for life, train and deploy for war! Summon new genius heroes for new battles. And awaken new Divine Weapon to make a breakthrough in power! Now it's your time to become the Lord of the territory.

[Game Features]
•Classic Musou Gameplay: Crush your enemies with a single touch! Stunning skill effect brings the coolest fighting experience.
•9V9 Team Battle: Real-time massive multi-players online PVP. Invite your friends to fight together.
•Collect & Cultivate: Cultivate and awaken dozens of famous generals. Unleash their real power.
•Exclusive Fashion: Customize your hero. You are not only the strongest, but also the coolest.
•Wings & Divine Weapon: Forge the wings and Divine Weapon, summon the ancient magic power to become stronger.
•Guild Battle: Use various strategies to match the heroes freely. Different matches bring different battles. Fight for the glory of the guild!
•Fair Arena: Adjust and balance the attributes of all officers. And there are some time-limited Free officers for you to experience. A fair test of your real power, show off your fighting skill.
•Mount & Bloodline: Summon and cultivate the mount; purify the mount bloodline to improve the attributes greatly and change its appearance freely. A true hero deserves the best mount!

-New Gameplay-
Master Unit Array to prevail all! New feature - Domain is coming! Enjoy the pastoral life, and the rare peaceful moment in times of chaos! Farm and build here, as well as train and practice deployment here. My Lord, welcome to your domain.

-New Heroes Arrive-
New Mythic Officer - Fledgling phoenix reveals talents, stratagems come to mind! The new officer Pang Tong (Heroic) arrives! He made great contribution to the fire attack in the Battle of Red Cliffs. He is known as "Phoenix" for his outstanding wisdom and stratagems.
Spring breeze scatters grace around! New Genius - Zhang Chunhua is updated! She has virtue and wisdom since she was young. Her awakened genius even increases her elegance and grace.
Crane feather ripples the times of chaos! New Genius - Lu Su is updated! As a peerless counsellor, he has foresight and broadened vision, extraordinary in both civil and martial virtues.

-New Divine Weapons Awakened-
Golden light glistens, sharp edges prevails! Xun Yu's Divine Weapon - Spectral Halberd awakens!