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Riichi City - Japanese Mahjong

Formirai Co., Ltd.
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Conquer the Challenges in urban-style Riichi-Mahjong World!

Conquer the Challenges, Reach the Top!

Riichi City, is a competitive urban-style Riichi mahjong game, with friendly features and lovely ACG characters.


Free to Play, Fair Environment
Forever free core features.Truly random tiles, no other adjustments! You can feel free to play against players from all over the world, a platform you can really test your mahjong level as well as improve your mahjong skill as much as you can.Chii! Pon! Kan! Pinfu! Chinitsu! Kokushi Musou! Just try to make the yaku you love!Truly random tiles, no other adjustments!

Beginner Friendly, Intuitive Interface
Tutorial, hints, auto scoring, spectate to learn, game log to check. You can play smoothly without mahjong experience! and you can have special Japanese mahjong learning courses in the app. Also our Japanese mahjong ambassador can teach you how to play!

Quick Games, Easy to Access.
Intuitive fast tournament under 10 minutes. Play Anytime, Play Anywhere! You can also play in different devices. The mahjong tournament model is good for new beginners.

Assist from Official Community
Plenty of events, generous rewards. Join community, no longer play lonely! You can also find mahjong friends from all over the world. Where you can communicate and share mahjong experience and help each us to improve your mahjong skill and share the enjoyment of Riichi mahjong game.

Play with Famous Japanese CVs
Voiced by Satomi Arai, Yui Ogura, Shūta Morishima, Rena Hasegawa, and we have more famous CVs to come, you can also leave us messages about your favorite CVs as well as ACG characters. We can design and create the ACG character together, and the most suggested CVs also enjoy great potential to be invited into this game.
Be our captain, decide the game and conquer Riichi City!


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