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Katakana Pro

Gerson Luca
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Improve your kana recognition with Katakana Pro!

Katakana Pro offers a simple and effective way to learn Japanese Katakana

(Update - Dec, 2019)

There is a major update (redesign) in progress that makes the app easier to use and fixes various issues (such as the aspect ratio stretching on longer devices). Any in-app purchases will carry over to the new version (2.0).

Some of the major changes:
• Redesigned home screen that clearly shows which kana are learned, in progress, or not studied yet.
• Device keyboard support
• Landscape mode
• Split-screen mode (on supported devices)

The update will be available soon to users running Android 6.0 or higher.

Thanks for your support! If you'd like to receive additional news about what I'm working on, you may follow me on Twitter @glucamakes. Thanks!