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ぼっちゃん。 -脱出ゲーム
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"Ah ... TV, I'm free." Let's make the brothers and sisters who are boring smile!
From everyday life to zombies! ??
A total of 30 stages with plenty of volume.

● How to play
・ When you tap the screen, various things happen.
・ Sometimes you get items.
-Use items by dragging and dropping.

Even if you stumble on solving a mystery, it's okay if you look at the hints!

● Recommended points
・ It's completely free and easy, so it's recommended for parents and children!
・ You can play with your school friends regardless of boys or girls! , Play with your family and create a topic!
・ Because it is full of everyday "something" elements, it can also be used to create topics at school!
・ For those who like to collect and collect!
・ Because it is moderately difficult, it is also suitable for brain training ◎
・ People who are not good at escape games can also enjoy it!
・ A mystery-solving smartphone app game that allows you to easily escape and bring back a little nostalgic memory.

● Stage introduction
"Boring TV" -This channel is boring ~
"Rare Otoshimono"-Oh! There is a rare card over there!
"Peel this way!" --Lion, could you turn me over here?
"A lot of shime" --- After all, this is the one after taking a bath
"Which mom?" --A lot of moms if you take your eyes off? !!
"Lottery" --Let's win
"Stop crying!"-I don't know why you're crying! Let's be in a good mood
"Fu"-Birthday. With a wish, a candle ...
"Sand White"-I want to make a sand castle that is bigger than my brother
"Licensed all biography" --- Knowing the greatness of training wheels
"Dark make-up"-this face, let's do something before mom gets angry
"Daruma-san ..."-Let's tap after making it immobile
"Gentleman's sports" -It depends on this one stroke!
"Run away!"-Hah, run away from the zombies!
"Bedwetting" --In a dream, something else
"Daddy rice" --Dad's cooking is the best in the world!
"Hell Shower"-Avoid hellish cold showers
"Closing ceremony" -A type to take home at once before summer vacation
"Game time"-Game is 1 hour a day
"I found it!"-I want to get a big beetle
"Sabori Daisakusen" --- I feel a little tired at school today. I just need to get a fever
"Drink bar"-The machine is out of order. What should I do
"Snowman" --- Finishing is just to complete the face!
"Toilet at night" --I want to go to the bathroom, but I have a bad feeling ...
"Which is Santa?"-There are many Santas in the city! Will you give me a present ...?
"Negative Arithmetic" --- After clearing this difficult problem, your homework is over!
"Treasure Hunt"-Finally the door to the golden ruins opens!
"Long slide" --- Waiting on a long slide is ...
"Tanabata Love" -There are times when love alone can't help
"Family photo"-Yes, cheese together!